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This is original Kexi handbook for Kexi 2.x. It is always most up-to-date version. Based on it, on HTML version, and PDF version is auto-generated. Translation to other languages may be available (select your language and click on calligra link at You can find handbooks for other calligra apps there too.
The works on this handbook are currently assigned to Dimitrios T Tanis, email: dimitrios.tanis at Please do not start anything but minor corrections without coordinating with maintainer, Jarosław Staniek, email: staniek at
Please use rules from Documentation Tutorial.


Kexi Basics

Kexi Databases
Creating a New Database File
The Kexi Main Window
Opening an Existing Kexi Database File
Opening an Existing Database File in the Open Project Dialog
Opening an Existing Kexi Database File by Clicking on .kexi File's Icon
Using Built-In Help

Building Simple Databases

Designing Database Tables
The Table Designer window
Entering Data Into Tables
Designing Database Queries
Designing Forms
Important terms
Forms versus tables
Working with form design
Using the Widgets tab
Inserting widgets - text fields
Assigning data sources
Inserting text labels
Widget layouts
Setting widgets size and position by hand
Setting the tab order
Entering Data Using Forms
Designing Reports

Configuring Kexi

Docking and undocking side panels

Where to Go Next?

Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Introduction to Databases

What Is a Database?
Database and Spreadsheet
Database Design
Who Needs a Database?
Database Creation Software

Appendix C. References

Menu Commands
The Kexi Tab
The Create Tab
The Data Tab
The External Data Tab
The Tools Tab
The Help Menu
The Form Design Tab
The Report Design Tab
Keyboard Shortcuts
Data Types
SQL Reference
SQL Reserved Words
Form Widgets
Report Elements
Command-Line Options
Supported File Formats
Microsoft Access File Formats
Comma-separated Values Format (CSV)
Kexi Specifications

Appendix D. Kexi and Other Database Applications

Data Types

Technical Support

Contributing to the Kexi Project

Reporting Bugs or Wishes



Credits and License