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Opening an Existing Kexi Database File by Clicking on .kexi File's Icon

  • Click on a .kexi file's icon showing in your file manager or on your desktop. Kexi will open this database project automatically.


Note about database files accessed remotely. You may want to open a database file that is located on a remote source (e.g. a web or FTP server or a MS Windows network share). KDE will normally allow you to open files from remote sources directly in applications and to save changes back to the source, but this is not the case with database files. By clicking on a database file located on a remote source, a copy of the file will be downloaded to a temporary directory on your computer and all your changes will be made to this local file. The remote original of the file will remain unchanged so it is recommended to copy (download) the file to your computer first, then open the file for work. You can copy it back to the remote source later if you wish to update the source copy.