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Most of this page refers to KDE3, and was written a long time ago. It may be helpful if you need to use an old version

About Jingle support in Kopete Jabber plugin.

Jingle support under KDE SC 4 was added in version 4.2. It was, however, exerimental, and the bugs in sound were found to be too great for it to be useful. The developers therefore decided to remove it again in 4.3, pending further work.

Much of that work is now done, at least on the sound side, and problems connecting through firewalls and routers have been addressed. There are still areas under development, notably Rtp and webcams can be configured but not used in Kopete. The adventurous can see the latest snapshot at svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/work/kopete/new_jingle

Kopete in KDE 4.4 does contain Jingle support using libjingle, so it's Google Talk compatible. It won't work with standard-compatible clients however.

This information is correct at the time of writing (4th February 2010). For the latest information you should check the project site at kopete.kde.org

Kopete Jabber Jingle under KDE3

Current status

Voice calls between two Kopete clients or between a Kopete client and a Psi client are possible. Voice calls between a Kopete client and Google's gtalk are also possible.

Anyway, the support is experimental, and can lead to crash if something goes wrong. This is why it is not enabled by default in the stable release.

Please note that the development is currently on hold.


This is included in the Kopete 0.12 releases. get it from http://kopete.kde.org/releases.php You need to add the --enable-jingle flag to the compilation to enable it.

Required Dependencies

Introduction of libjingle require new dependencies to Kopete. Here the list:

  1. oRTP 0.7.1 Any version other than0.7.1 will not work!
  2. expat
  3. glib-2.0 (if you don't have it already for MSN webcam)
  4. speex (>=1.1.6 or 1.0.5 (the versions that have speex_encode_int ))

Optional Dependencies


Unofficial packages and other build tips

Unofficial and unstable Fedora Core 4 packages of oRTP and speex can be found here. Unofficial builds of kde-network for Fedora Core 4 with this branch of kopete can be foundhere.

On Mandriva 2006, you could have problems with oRTP : ./configure will not find the library. If you are using bash, you must enter :

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig export PKG_CONFIG_PATH

before ./configure

Concerning SUSE (10.0): glib-2.0 might be in a different location as well (e.g. /opt/gnome/lib). Add this path to PKG_CONFIG_PATH as well.

Todo list

Make libjingle compile in Kopete source
Finish configure checks.
Fix crashing when asking for a voice conversation. (It doesn't reject the call anymore, but a crash can still happen)
Trying a voice conversation using imported Psi classes.
Implement Entities Capabilities support JEP-0115
Remove imported Psi classes and use our own.
Starting to replace some components of libjingle.
Port to libiris native tasks

Future: For KDE4

Evaluate if Phonon is suitable for our needs.


Michaël Larouche (IRC: DarkShock, Jabber: [email protected], Email: michael.larouche at kdemail.net), Olivier Goffart (IRC: Gof)