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Customize - change your Settings

To open the settings dialog use Settings -> Configure KrossWordPuzzle....


You can disable animations if the game is running slow or if you don't like them.

The animations tab of the settings dialog

You can enable/disable all animations with Enable Animations.

The other checkboxes enable/disable single animation types:

  • Animate Size Changes: Animates changes to the size of image cells.
  • Animate Position Changes: Animates changes to the position of cells, ie. moves the cells to their new position.
  • Animate Items Appearance: Fades in new cells.
  • Animate Items Disappearance: Fades out cells when they disappear.
  • Animate Focus In: Animates cells when they get focus.
  • Animate Changing Letter: Turns letter cells around when their letter changes, with the new letter on the other side.
  • Animate Changes to an Items Appearance: Fades from the previous appearance of a cell to it's new appearance. This also animates selection changes.


KrossWordPuzzle uses the default theme selection page. Just select the theme you want to use. By default, there are three themes:

  • Default
  • Egyptian
  • Scribble (looks like a handwritten crossword)