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info template need to be translated409:09, 14 May 2011

info template need to be translated

info template should be a translation unit.

07:36, 12 September 2010

We are aware of this problem, and there's no easy answer. Yesterday we tried marking a template for translation and immediately found that it caused problems on pages accessing the template - the translate tag pairs in the template show through into the displayed page. We discussed it with the Translate developers, who confirmed that at this time it's not possible to do things that way, so I'm sorry, but for the moment you will have to create your matching templates from scratch.

Of course if you find any place that a template is outside the translate tags, please let us know, as that is a separate issue and easily corrected.

10:21, 12 September 2010
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I guess the info template should be included in unit 28, together with template content, like <:translate><!--T:28--> {{Info|KDE....}}<:/translate>

13:38, 12 September 2010

Ah - so the markup was making you keep the 'Information' header? OK, I've changed it. It should be OK now.

15:24, 12 September 2010


15:49, 12 September 2010

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