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There are som problems with this page:

  • The language navigation bar does not work on translated pages (see the Danish translation) even though the exact same template is used there. I suspect the space character in the page title may be the culprit - all the other multi-word titles in the Internet category use an underscore. I couldn't solve the problem by just changing the the title in the template, though, so I may be wrong.
  • The name of the application is Choqok (notice the capitalization) according to the project home page. In this page it is sometimes written this way, but other times it appears as ChoqoK (fx in the title) end even choqoK. I am correcting the page content but leaving the title, allthough it should probably be changed also.
  • The explanation of the Inbox is not clear to me. As I read it, the Inbox should show the same messages as Home. Maybe this is just down to me being a complete novice in the microblogging world, but to the inexperienced a clarification would be welcome.
  • The section Creating your First Message claims that messages will appear in the Inbox. Thet appears not to be correct - at least my first message ended up in Home.
  • In Details of a Conversation there is mention of a Show Conversation button for, but I couldn't find it, unless it is ment to refer to the blue bullet following the handle - clicking it took me to the users profile page on

Claus chr 13:39, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

Forget the last point in my remarks above. I just discovered that the botton only appears when there is a conversation to follow.

Claus chr 14:31, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

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