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Could you reconsider this page?515:26, 25 April 2013

Could you reconsider this page?

It reads as a very thorough explanation of the concepts, but I feel that it is enough to frighten beginners away Face-smile.png. I'd suggest splitting it into two pages, with a fairly straightforward explanation of how and where gpg is likely to be useful to the reader, ending with your Summary table. If possible work in brief mentions of the main concepts where you have given full explanation currently, linking them to the appropriate part of the second page you create, where the current full explanation would reside.

If you could do it this way, the first page would be a non-frightening introduction and also an aide-memoire for later, with all the necessary background easily found from that same source. What do you think?

16:51, 23 April 2013

That's always the problem: Where to draw the line? Take some info out thus scare off one less but reduce the value for all others. The solution cannot be "Don't scare off anyone" but, of course, the question remains. The page currently does not discuss at all "how and where gpg is likely to be useful to the reader" (at least not in the way I understand this). The answer to that would have to be something like "Why you (sometimes) need encryption and/or signing" as the mental position of the average reader is not "Why OpenPGP instead of e.g. S/MIME"; they don't care about those features at all. Thus I would definitely make "how and where gpg is likely to be useful to the reader" a separate page (which need not even be written by a crypto guru). This may be a very useful page though. I want KMail to advertise OpenPGP to non-crypto users. Their first question when followong the link to this site is likely to be "Why should I care?" rather than "How does it work?".

The current page could be split (so that people don't get scared off by its pure length) differently. The "getting started" part is not really part of the OpenPGP concepts. So the first page could be strictly limited to the core concepts (i.e. those relevant for beginners). That would be:

  • Introduction
  • Asymmetric keys
  • Encryption
  • Digital signatures
  • Relating keys to people or organizations
  • Summary of key usage

A second page "getting started" could contain this:

  • Main key and subkeys
  • Key security
  • Key policy (new)
  • How to get started

The part "The web of trust (WoT)" may be (mentioned but) moved to "OpenPGP For Advanced Users". As you may have got from the text I don't think that beginners should use the WoT anyway. This would allow me to make this block more comprehensive (e.g. add some X.509 bashing).

18:54, 23 April 2013

I'll leave it to you to decide the split. As I said, I value the input and don't want to lose any of the information, just making it available in more bite-size chunks. :-) I don't know how others feel, but I find that large amounts of information are easily absorbed from a printed page, but much harder from a screen. That may be personal, of course.

07:29, 24 April 2013

I have shortened the first page which is now ready for being enabled for translation. The other two are not finished yet (not even the English content) but certainly until the end of the week. I have linked them nonetheless from the first.

When I am through with this I will care about and Funny situation. Two articles put below the KMail hierarchy though one does not cover KMail AT ALL and half of the other one is a key generation description. For gpg in the console. Hello? This is going to be a lot better soon. I guess it makes sense to have one article for key generation (with focus on KGpg, of course) only. This article does not belong under /KMail/. Then all the key generation stuff can be taken out of the "KMail and OpenPGP" article.

02:38, 25 April 2013

I'm happy that you are sorting out the organisation of this. You will have no trouble creating new pages, but will need to request an admin to delete obsolete pages. I'm on vacation from next Monday, although I expect to have access from time to time. Otherwise, Neverendingo or Claus_chr on #kde-www will take care of it for you.

07:46, 25 April 2013

I've split paragraphs into short ones, because long paragraphs are not easy for translators. Hopefully the splits are in logical places, but feel free to make improvements.

15:26, 25 April 2013

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