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Reorganization content019:55, 8 January 2019
Reorganize this page312:27, 23 January 2012

Reorganization content

TODO (help welcome):

  • reorganize the feature subcategories like the "Managing your Photos" subcategories -> Add text to the screenshots dump
  • move "Useful digiKam Tricks" to a sub-page and look if content still actual
19:55, 8 January 2019

Reorganize this page

I'm new to KDE Userbase, so I hesitate to restructure the main-page without asking in advance:  ;)

I would suggest to structure this page as follows:

   1 Screenshots
   1.1 Managing your Photos
   1.2 The Image Editor
   1.3 The Camera Interface
   1.4 The Light Table
   1.5 ShowFoto
   2 General Digikam Links
   3 Tutorials 
       (link to tutorial page)
   4 Useful digiKam Tricks
   5 digiKam 2.2.0 Installer for Windows

Reason: I was looking for Digikam Tutorials on this page and did not find them. (Ok, I didn't use the browser search, which would have found it). Today, send me here. And I was amazed that there are Digikam tutorials here! So I just think the tutorials link is a bit too hidden.

Other Reason: There should be some kind of separator between "showfoto screenshots" and "The project Home Page is here".

Your opinions?

I have quite some TWiki experience, but I'm new to MediaWiki. So I don't know about Translation tags. I'm afraid, I could brake something when setting the headlines to new levels.

18:32, 21 January 2012

Hello - and welcome Face-smile.png. Oddly enough I was looking only yesterday and wondering whether I should do something to make the tutorials more prominent - then I realised that the Tip box is pretty prominent, and did nothing about it.

In my opinion the Digikam page gives the impression that it "grew like Topsy" - more being added without real structure, so I welcome your thoughts. I wonder whether everything there should be one one page? The screenshots seem to go on for ever, whereas with a different organisation they would say more to the reader. You should be aware, too, of tutorials linked from and bring that into your plan.

Why not use your user space (make a subpage under User:Px79) and start building the new page? It's probably easier and certainly safer than trying a major reorganisation on the original page, and very easy to paste in when you are ready. There are guidelines which can be found from the links in the navigation panel, but you can also ask anything either here on or IRC. Feel free, too, to visit my user page and its subpages for examples of markup of boxes, tables, etc..

The general rule with tags is

  • if you move a paragraph that starts with a section tag, take the tag with it.
  • if you move a paragraph that doesn't start a section tag, simply put it where you want it and leave the system to decide whether it needs a new tag
  • if you include new material, don't add any tags - the system will do it.

If you have questions that need a quicker answer, you can find us on IRC, #kde-www.

Good luck.

18:49, 21 January 2012

I guess, PageLayout should also be taken account of.

10:12, 23 January 2012

It is a suggested template, but it doesn't fit every case. Use it if you can, but don't lose sleep if you can't exactly make things fit Face-smile.png

12:27, 23 January 2012

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