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Links to ressources for GPG in English

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A quick googling gave this: - also has translated pages.

Before we create a ressources page we should probably check the linked sites for suitability. Also, it would probably be a good idea to have something KDE-specifik. Is there anything out there offering support for actual training like the German page linked to?

10:00, 21 April 2013

I have not put such links into the German text because my focus is on courses. The category name "courses and information" was my idea of a fallback: If there is no course offer for someone then at least give him some info pages. But of course, there are German pages, too (even linked on which also has its own info pages).

I am new to userbase but in my understanding everything KDE-specific should be written here (thus I linked the KMail/PGP page) but it makes no sense to me to replicate general, application-neutral information here (which will hardly be possible on the level of existing resources). Such effort should be offered to the external resources so that everyone interested in OpenPGP has easy access to it.

If I understand your question right: This is the page with the course list. There are just two entries by now but (as you may have read in the withlist entry) it will probably take several months to integrate this hint into KMail and then the list will look a lot better.

18:41, 21 April 2013

My first post was perhaps a bit cryptic (not made any better by an embarrassing typo in the last line: link -> like). There was a discussion on IRC on how to deal with this page - as you probably know by now all primary pages in UserBase should be in English; they can then be translated to other languages. I was just brainstorming to find some content for an English page so that your content can be translated, ie. make English page, place your original content in German translation.

Ideally we would need an English page similar to the page you linked to (it wouldn't be a good idea to link to a page in German from an English page), but failing that we could at least link to some relevant pages. That way there would be a page for you to translate to German.

16:30, 23 April 2013

I have changed the page to English and saved the German version elsewhere; wasn't much effort anyway. This article has been activated for tanslation meanwhile so that's my project for today.

As none of your links provides what I wished for as a beginners page (a general OpenPGP page not bound to certain software) and I didn't know any such page, not even in German (embarrassingly: including my own) I wrote one myself (which is already linked in this article).

Ideally we would need an English page similar to mine, that's right. But we cannot simply set up that page as it is mainly about real-world events. I understand that it seems strange to link a German page from an English page (if you don't have reason to assume that most readers understand German which is hardly the case here). But I have two aims with these hints in the KDE userbase wiki (and hopefully within Kmail directy soon). The obvious one: Helping Germans use OpenPGP by bringing those courses to their attention. The second one: Motivate people in other countries to create something similar. But this won't happen if the experienced users are just presented information links (which they don't need anyway) but are not faced with the fact that somewhere else something exists that they should copy.

05:20, 24 April 2013

Ideally we should have a link to a similar English page, but failing that I guess it's ok to link to the German one, as long as it is clearly stated. Hopefully someone will pick up on the idea.

Thanks for your work.

11:46, 27 April 2013

I just had an idea: I will probably get an international domain for a small English site which would just offer a list of national such projects and some help for people interested in creating one. That would be a better link target for the English article then.

11:58, 27 April 2013

aim of this article

After this wishlist entry a developer asked me to create a suitable article here. This is my first one, I hope I haven't made too many mistakes.

The idea: It's a pity that KMail has such good support for OpenPGP (I guess the best available at all) and just so few people use it (that may be similar with S/MIME but the web site in question is about OpenPGP only). Thus and because nobody can doubt that it is desirable that more people (really can) use cryptography, those users

  1. who do not yet use OpenPGP
  2. who (seem to) live in a country (KDE country setting) where such a course project is available

should get eye-catching hints that there may be free courses about OpenPGP usage in their vicinity. A web site cannot be a comparable alternative to a course. Furthermore it's not the task of KDE to teach technology which is not KDE-specific.

Maybe similar activities are possible with other KDE applications (point users to external help for technologies which are supported by KDE but rarely used).

I am the founder of this project and the webmaster of

The German translation of this article is available at User:Aebexo_schulungen-de.

02:37, 22 April 2013

Sinn dieser Seite

Auf diesen Wishlist-Eintrag hin wurde ich von einem der Entwickler gebeten, einen entsprechenden Artikel auf dieser Seite anzulegen. Das ist mein erster; ich hoffe, ich habe es nicht versaut.

Die Idee dahinter: Es ist doch schade, dass KMail derart gute Unterstützung für OpenPGP bietet, aber es kaum jemand nutzt (das mag auch auf S/MIME zutreffen, aber die fragliche Webseite bezieht sich nur auf OpenPGP). Deshalb (und weil meiner Ansicht nach niemand bei klarem Verstand bestreiten kann, dass es erstrebenswert ist, dass mehr Leute Kryptografie nutzen) liegt es meines Erachtens nahe, diejenigen KMail-Nutzer

  1. die Kryptografie noch nicht nutzen
  2. und in deren Land (nach KDE-Ländereinstellung) ein Projekt zur Förderung der Nutzung von OpenPGP existiert

in auffälliger Weise darauf hinzuweisen, dass sie (mit etwas Glück in ihrer Gegend) kostenlos Hilfe bekommen können, wenn Sie den Umgang mit OpenPGP lernen möchten. Eine Webseite kann eine Schulung nicht ersetzen, außerdem kann es nicht die Aufgabe von KDE sein, den Nutzern von KDE-Software Technologie zu erklären, die nicht KDE-spezifisch ist.

Möglicherweise kann man Ähnliches bei anderen KDE-Programmen machen (auf unterstütze, aber wenig genutzte Technologien und entsprechende externe Ressourcen hinweisen).

Ich bin der Gründer dieses Projekts und der Betreiber der Webseite

06:51, 21 April 2013

Danke für die Informationen, es ist sicherlich im Sinne dieser Seite auch auf Schulungen hinzuweisen. Dennoch, Userbase ist primär eine englische Seite und sollte auch lediglich solche Seiten anbieten. Natürlich können diese im Nachhinein übersetzt werden, Aber das Original MUSS englisch sein. Der Titel ist es ja immerhin schon... ;) Ansonsten ist noch diskutabel in welchem Bereich diese Seite am besten aufgehoben ist, aber das überlass ich den anderen Admins. Was den Inhalt betrifft, wenn möglich bitte nachbessern oder um Hilfe fragen.

09:08, 21 April 2013

Ich habe die Seite auf Englisch umgeschrieben (und ein bisschen erweitert) und den deutschen Text hier gesichert.

22:00, 21 April 2013

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