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Mailing list search does not always work014:02, 8 September 2012
Question to "Local folder is added over and over"218:54, 30 March 2012
Untranslatable section311:29, 28 November 2010
Step by step implementation213:32, 17 October 2010
Store trash mails in a special folder 110:31, 17 October 2010

Mailing list search does not always work

In particular, you cannot search for "HTML" in subject (Bug 306453) --Yecril71pl (talk) 15:02, 8 September 2012 (BST)

Yecril71pl (talk)14:02, 8 September 2012

Question to "Local folder is added over and over"

I'm not sure I understand this sentence:

"Now start akonadiconsole, on the Agents tab locate your local account in what you want to have your Outbox folder..."

Does it mean something like

"...locate the local account that you want to have your Outbox folder in..."?

Claus chr08:07, 30 March 2012

I think that must have been the intention. I have made the necessary change.

annew09:09, 30 March 2012

Good. Thanks.

Claus chr18:54, 30 March 2012

Untranslatable section

In the last batch of edits, a change was made that created a new translation unit 151, but something has gone wrong: The new unit appears as untranslated in the Special:Translate page, but clicking its link has the translation window waiting indefinitely for the text, and when I export the translations in Gettext format, the unit is simply missing.

Claus chr16:50, 26 November 2010

It's hard to guess what went wrong, so I've simply deleted the tag and a new one, unit 152, is now created and is working correctly.

annew20:36, 26 November 2010

Thanks. Fortunately I saved my translation locally so it is just a matter of copy and paste to complete the translation.

Claus chr09:07, 28 November 2010

Usually you can pick up discarded translations through the history, but I guess that in this case it wouldn't actually be saved anywhere other than your local copy. The browser back-button sometimes gives a local cache that can be copied, otherwise there's really no answer to this.

The main problems seem to occur when new contributors manually add translation tags (despite there being warnings all over the place against this). I couldn't see any evidence that this was the cause of this specific one, though.

annew11:29, 28 November 2010

Step by step implementation

In this section, a script is reproduced using syntax highlighting. The advantage of this is, that apparently all processing of text is turned off, so no problems with pipe characters. The disadvantage is, that all indentation is lost. I tried to fix this, first using Template:Tab, and when that didn't work I tried inserting & nbsp; directly, but that didn't work either.

Since the pipe character problem can be solved by replacing them with Template:!, I wonder whether it would not be better to forgo syntax highlighting in order to have proper indentation?

Claus chr09:42, 17 October 2010

Thats basically an issue with html. each space gets removed when rendering. I wonder how that could be solved.

Neverendingo11:04, 17 October 2010

It was an css issue. I fixed it now.

Regarding to your script snippett: the regexp at the almost bottom of the script encapsulate a " char between ' and `. This causes wrong color for the rest of the script.

Pipesmoker13:32, 17 October 2010

Store trash mails in a special folder

Is this section up to date? I couldn't find the indicated setting in my installation (KDE 4.4.4 "release 3", openSUSE 11.3, Kontact v. 4.4.5, KMail v. 1.13.5, Danish translation).

Claus chr07:11, 17 October 2010

Yes, it's moved. Thanks for pointing it out. I've updated the entry and fixed the spacing after headings at the same time (I put off doing this until another edit was needed.)

annew10:31, 17 October 2010

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