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Turtlescript (Logo) and translation markup on UserBase218:25, 4 September 2012

Turtlescript (Logo) and translation markup on UserBase

One of the major features of TurtleScript (Logo) is the ability to translate the commands to suit the native language of the student . Thus, I think that opting out script blocks from translation is somewhat wrong.

04:46, 4 September 2012

Ok, well, in it goes then :-)

Maybe we should consider rewriting the wiki-source in the original to something sensible, though. I wouldn't like to work with it the way it looks now. I guess it's automatically generated HTML.

It would be easy to copy and paste the displayed code examples into an Input template, but we'd lose syntax highlighting. The <syntaxhighlight> tag doesn't seem support Logo. Could we use highlighting for some other language instead?

16:19, 4 September 2012

Logo is a Lisp dialect but the GeSHi highlighting for lisp is not such bold as in original. Change anyway or ask translators to use Turtle itself for exporting HTML?

18:25, 4 September 2012

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