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? red links411:36, 12 November 2018

? red links

missing pages or obsolete features  ?

11:24, 2 September 2018

These are most likely links to pages that do not exist yet. They are place holders for pages yet to be written. You can write them if you wish.

12:41, 29 October 2018

Hi Roger.
I understand what you say but since the page is to be translated, it is supposed to be coherent in the EN version (with all links resolved). And I was wondering when seeing the red links, about the credibility of such pages (items not yet written ? suppressed ?...) . At best the pages should be in a status 'in preparation' since links are not resolved (or hidden text 'TO-DO' in a comment, or in a list of pages to be written).
For the second point I precise that i am just a translator and I follow the complete KDE page lists for translations but i have no competence to-day to write pages on specific subjects in particular.

13:49, 1 November 2018

Christian, Thanks for all the translation work you do. I have lost a bit of "care-factor" on the Kdenlive manual of late. So I won't be making any to-do pages or list of pages to be written. I feel that the list of broken links serves this purpose already. Leaving the red links serves as a place holder for documentation to be written on functionality that exists in the application. So they are valid links. They are just waiting for someone to write something about them.

11:36, 12 November 2018

The red links off the transitions and effect pages are to effects and transitions that do exist (well at least they did back when the manual page was written). But they are for effects and transitions that I have not been able to obtain documentation on. A lot of these will be frei0r effects - see which is I site I just found and may have some doco that I have not seen yet.

21:38, 29 October 2018

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