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Is this information up to date?316:13, 9 September 2010

Is this information up to date?

I can't find any advanced tab in Input Devices. I run KDE 4.4 under openSUSE 11.3. I also tried KDE 4.4 under Kubuntu 10.04.

15:28, 9 September 2010

That page doesn't make any sense to me at all although it appears to be only one month old. I'll try to get the author to explain what he meant, so that we can help him clarify it.

15:48, 9 September 2010

This page just does not linked with System Settings. This page is about kxkb configuration. Just remove it from System Settings and it will be alright.

15:56, 9 September 2010

Apparently not. It refers to the new version in 4.5.1 and he has added a screenshot to clarify it. I think much of System Settings will need updating to reflect 4.5.

16:13, 9 September 2010

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