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Re the rebranding: Generally I think it is a great success. In many cases it has resulted in translations, that work much better than previously. I take this as a sign that the distinction between the community and the software adds clarity to our writing.

In this particular page, however, there are a few instances of the converse:

The phrase "KDE Plasma Desktop" (which appear in other pages as well) is awkward to translate - especially when preceded by "Your". I take "Plasma Desktop" to refer to a single concept so that the "KDE Plasma Desktop" is the "Plasma Desktop" of KDE (SC), but preceded by "Your" we then have a "Plasma Desktop" belonging to two subjects which is not easy to express in Danish (at least not when we are talking of different kinds of belonging).

It would be possible to read "KDE Plasma Desktop" simply as one single concept, but I don't think, that this fits well with the way we use KDE elsewhere. Would "Plasma Desktop" not suffice? I believe that the association with KDE should be clear enough from context.

The other phrase that gave me problems was about community software being "not shipped nor directly supported by the KDE SC". It seems odd, that a collection of software should have the ability to do or not do anything. We might say "not shipped with (or as part of) KDE SC", but then the bit about support is lost.

On the other hand we could say "KDE community" instead of KDE SC, but then the sentence contradicts itself, unless we begin to distinguish between community in a narrow and a broader sense, and I don't think we want that. My best bet is to lose the bit about support and go with SC. Claus chr 15:36, 13 December 2009 (UTC)

Overall, I think it is a good direction - generally making it much clearer whether we are talking about the community or the software. However, I have found that in some cases I was not completely happy with the replacement text, so don't hesitate to change anything that simply doesn't work for translators
As far as I'm concerned, I concur that in this context (the Plasma Desktop) the KDE part is easily enough inferred, so if you need to drop it, I'd be happy enough. If there are any repercussions we'll deal with that when it happens.
As for the community software, I always have problems there. As a user I don't find it easy to know when software is SC or community. It simply isn't obvious to users (and probably shouldn't be).
With the move to the Translation extension in mind, we do need to keep consistency in the translation, or it will cause problems later. Whenever any application is labelled as Community Software there is a footnote saying that support comes from that project, not from the KDE community. With that in mind, I think it is safe to drop it here. Please take it out of the English page, before editing your translation :-) I trust your judgement.--annew 11:12, 14 December 2009 (UTC)