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KDE Telepathy provides a suite of applications for a full instant messaging experience.


How do I add a new IM accounts

  • Open Online Accounts.
  • Then click Create.
  • Click on an IM network and follow the steps.

How do I add a contact

Open the contact list. Click Add Contact in the toolbar. You will then need to select which of your accounts the contact should be added to and then enter the ID/Email Address of the contact you wish to add.

How can I have quick access to my online state, and easily open the contact list

Right click on the system tray. System tray settings. Under Extra Items select Instant Messaging Settings.

How can I make the contact list dock to the systray

You can't. Perform the steps above for something better.

How do I add a Google Talk account if I use 2-step verification

This guide assumes you have installed KWallet.

  • Open Instant Messaging & VOIP.
  • Click on Add Account.
  • Click on the Google Talk icon.
  • You might see a warning about additional plugins. Check that they are installed.
  • Enter your email address and your password. Finish the wizard.
  • You should then see a window. There should be two fields if you run KWallet for the first time, one if you have already created a wallet. Use any password you want.

Integrate the KDE-Telepathy VoIP module into KAddressBook

  • Select menu Settings -> Configure Kontact and then Contact Actions.
  • In the section Dial Phone Number select External Application.
  • Enter the following command: ktp-dialout-ui %n
  • Press Ok.

Clicking on a telephone number in KAddressBook will open the KDE-Telepathy VoIP dialog. Select your ID (if you have more than one) and start your call.

Where are chat logs stored

Chat logs are stored in ~/.local/share/TpLogger

How to view which account is being used for the contact in the chat window

  • Right click on the chat window toolbar and select Configure Toolbars...
  • Search for Account Icon on the left side and add it to the right side (by clicking the right arrow)
  • Click OK to save and exit,

Now you can see an account icon at the end of the toolbar, which gives a helpful indication of the account being used.

Tips and Tricks

  • When chatting you can click on an emoticon to change it back into text. This is useful when receiving code which accidentally is rendered into smilies.