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Use this template for content that needs to be specially emphasized. Syntax:


The template takes four arguments:

  1. The text of the main body of the box
  2. The title of the box
  3. An image file to be displayed in the top left of the box - the image size should be 40 x 40 (optional)
  4. The color:
    • the default gives gray
    • 'warning' gives yellow
    • 'error' gives red

Example: {{Box|1=This is an example box|2=Example|3=[[Image:Note-box-icon.png|left|40px|link=]]|4=warning}}


This is an example box

Please avoid using this template directly in pages. If you need something that doesn't already exist, consider making a new template based on this template. That way it will be much easier to maintain TechBase, and the risk of introducing unintended effects on your page is reduced considerably.

Existing templates based on this template: Template:Info, Template:Note, Template:Tip, Template:Warning, Template:Remember.