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Plasma, the KDE applications and others third party applications are offered in multiple languages. If you aren't familiar with English or you prefer using your system in your native language, you can change your system language.

During Installation


After Installation


To change the system language, go to the System Settings in the Regional SettingsLanguage.

Configure Plasma translations.

You can now add a new language by clicking on Add languages.... You should now see a dialog where you can add multiple languages at the same time.

Add new languages.

Confirm your selection by clicking on Add.

List of all languages.

You can now choose the language you want to use by dragging the language to the top of the list.

Drag the language to the top

Now the language is changed, and you will be able to see the change the next time you log in.


Now that the language is set, we still need to change the format for the currency, the numbers, the time, ...

This can also be done in System Settings application, in the Regional SettingsFormats section.


In this case you can either use the formatting settings specific to a region or by clicking on Detailed Settings, you can configure each setting individually.

At the bottom, you can preview your actual configuration. Don't forget to click on Apply to save your configuration, when you are happy with it.


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