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    Some questions to consider with respect to our typographical guidelines:

    Consistent terminology

    • Keys are pressed
    • Buttons are clicked
    • Menu and list items are selected
    • Window/Guide/Dialog/Wizzard
    • Panel
    • Pane
    • Common dialogs such as the file selector

    Do we need to distinguish between selecting GUI elements and selecting data items (fx files in an Open dialog)?


    Should we use bolding or some other markup for

    • Software, that is not operated by the user: servers, backends, libraries, ...
    • Programs that are run in a console
    • Non-KDE apps
    • Distributions, OS'es
    • Acronyms for GUI elements (such as Amaroks APG and PUD)
    • Tool tips


    • Named sections of a window or dialog: Bolded (even when the name doesn't appear in the interface?)
    • Icon buttons with no text: Use the actual icon inline. How should the "tool tip name" be marked up when it needs to be referred to?
    • How to mark up modes?


    Only for actual key press actions. If we mention characters (rather then the key pressed to enter them) nor markup is appropriate (except perhaps quote marks)?

    Other GUI elements

    • Text field with title in the fiels itself, fx Amaroks Search playlist
    • Named tools, when the name does not appear explicitely in the GUI, fx Amaroks Cover Manager or the Pop-Up Dropper
    • Concepts: should the be capitalized and italicized (only the first time)?
    • Only bold when referring to the actual GUI element, i.e. Playlist is the pane, playlist is a list created there
    • Items from a fixed list selectable from a dropdown list (fx Amaroks biases)
      • Items with names depending on some settings (fx names of items in Amaroks dynamic playlists - note, that the names of baises that can be selected when editing biases is different form the name of the bias that appear in the dynamic playlist)
    • Items in a predefined but modifiable list (typically combo box)
    • Predefined tags (as in Amarok: Artist, Title, ...)
    • Names of icon buttons
    • Buttons with both an image and a text
    • Options appearing in lists generated according to previous selections (like the items in the constraint tree in Amaroks APG Preset Editor.
    • Information in a tree-structure (as in KInfoCenter)
    • Packages, engines, demons, filetypes: Use ?