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    Screen shots are very helpful in most contexts, and we strongly encourage you to include images where ever you think it may me useful. Make your screen shots large enough that details are clearly visible. Please try to follow these guidelines when you make screen shots:

    • Use a plain white background (XXX is this still valid? XXX)
    • Use KDE's default theme, Oxygen, for icons and GUI elements
    • Use US English menus, window titles and other translatable texts in the windows
    • Use the same version of the application as the one you are writing about

    Preferably, save the image as a PNG file (JPEG can also be used); give it a unique name and upload it to UserBase: Click Upload File in the Tools section of your UserBase Panel. Now you can use the image in your texts.

    To include an image in a page you normally write something like this is a paragraph of its own (i.e. separated by blank lines on both sides):


    The Caption part is optional. The recomended display size for images in UserBase is 350px or 500 px. Your screen shot can (and often should) be larger. If the image is larger, it will be scaled down to the requested size. Images are clickable, so readers can easily get to see them in full size.

    It is possible to place images and text side by side. If you want to do that you need to pay special attention to text display. The next section should begin below the image. In order to assure that this happens, you should place the following on a line of its own separated on both sides by a blank line:

    </translate><br style="clear: both;"/><translate>


    There is no way you can know which screen width or font size your readers may use; therefore it can be difficult to know, if a page with images and text side by side looks good. Even though it looks good in your browser it may look unbalanced to some readers.