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Some ideas I need to write down before I forget:


  • Create Sandbox for new contributors to experiment with MediaWiki

Needed Content

  • Starting point with basic help
  • Wiki markup
  • Common elements (Toolbox?)
  • Typographical Guidelines
  • Page structure
  • Where to put new pages
  • Translating

Contribute pages

  • Help page
    • Help for new UserBase visitors
    • Help for new contributors
      • Ways to contribute
      • How to Register and Log in
      • Short about how to edit content
      • Link to Add to Existing Pages (?)
      • Link to Create New Pages
      • Link to Translating Pages
      • Link to Organize Content (?)
      • OR provide everything on the same page?
  • Create New Pages
    • (should be familiar with editing pages)
    • Workflow for adding pages
    • Add wanted pages (?)
    • Links to markup, guidelines etc.
  • Translating Pages