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A discussion page, also known as talk page, is a page where UserBase users can communicate with each other. Each wiki page can have a discussion page associated to it.


To discuss a page, go to that page and click on the Discuss button (1). Previous discussions can be found under Contents (2).

Create a new discussion

  • Click on Start a new discussion (3)
  • Enter a subject that describes the topic and write your message in the text box
  • Click on Show preview to preview your message
  • If everything looks good, click on Save page to create the thread

Reply to a post

  • To a reply to a thread, click on Add a reply (4) at the bottom of the thread
  • To reply to a specific post, click on More under the post and then Reply in the pop-up menu (5)
  • Enter your reply
  • Use Preview to preview your post. Click on Save page to finally post it

User talk pages

User talk pages are discussion pages associated with UserBase users. It can be used to leave a message for a specific user and works like other talk pages. That means that messages on user talk pages will be visible to everyone. If someone has posted on your talk page, you will see an alert saying "You have new messages".

To post to someone's talk page, first go to that user's page. You can find it by clicking on the user's name (even if it's red) or by entering

in your web browser (where username is the name of the user). Click on the Discuss button to go to the talk page. The rest is the same as normal discussion pages.