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    Tux has been here.

    I sympathise with your idea for the page "Traduzione italiana wiki" but, as you found, it is too difficult to maintain. Instead, I propose that the use of Categories could solve the problem.

    Currently I'm categorizing all English pages. Then I propose that all translated pages should be in matching categories - so if a page is in Category:Desktop, the Italian page would be in Category:Desktop(it). Clicking on the category statement would list only Italian files that fit into the Desktop group - and so on.

    It will take a little work to set up, but it's the sort of thing that can be done in short sessions, a few pages at a time, by listing and selecting the (it) pages. I do hope you'll join us in doing this. It would be a real benefit to non-English speakers.

    For the moment it is impossible to translate page names or category names. Maybe we will be able to manage that later. --annew 16:38, 3 December 2009 (UTC)