Work In Progress about help/contribute stuff

Current situation

I can see so far 3 pages concerning it:

  • Help:Contents which talks about What is Userbase, some guidelines, and some guide to contribute.
  • Quick_Start which talks about What is Userbase
  • UserBase/Guidelines which is actually more a "Code of conduct": license problem, be nice with other, mixed with some advices to contribute

Proposed re-organisation

  • Rename link to Help:Contents as "Contribute" in the side-bar, and focus on this page on the step-by-step contribute starting guide.
  • Clean Quick_Start so that it talks only about what is Userbase, and link it through a "What is Userbase" or "Help" link in the sidebar.
  • Clean the Guidelines so that it talks about the code of conduct, move everything related to contribute howto on the Contribute (Help:Contents) page.

Potential outline for the 3 pages

Help:Contents page

Quick-Start Contributing

--> just a renaming of the 'How to contribute' current section

Who can contribute?

"everyone can, and actually you don't even need an account, but it's better because ... and ... and you can be awarded in the top contributors ;p"

Get a new account


What content belongs to KDE Userbase

Where to put new articles

The procedure

same content + the review and policy conventions sections appended.

Editing workflow

Start editing

Type your changes

Summarize your changes

Preview before saving


Tracking further modifications of the page

Watching a page

Tips for translators

-copy the original version to your target language version -edit inlines or in an outside editor and copy back -watch the original page for further modifications, so that you can sync your translation if necessary

Use the History page of the original version to compare versions - you can quickly see where the changes are

UserBase page

What is UserBase

This section looks perfect to me already

Ready to contribute

I would shorten it and redirect to the "Contribute" (formerly Help:Contents) page.

UserBase/Guidelines page

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