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    About me (from the openSUSE point of view)

    my name is Kim Leyendecker and I´m from Germany. My tasks in the openSUSE project are the German Wiki ( and to be part of the news team. I´m also responsible for the People of openSUSE series and for some appliances on SUSE Studio.

    Maybe you´re still asking about WTF I´m doing for the openSUSE project, so here, you´ll get an incomprehensive overview of my project work:

       Part of the German wiki team 
       openSUSE News Author 
       Interviewer for the People of openSUSE series 
       RPM Packager (quite an hobby, since then nothing that I really contributed to the distro.) 

    About me (from the KDE point of view)

    Well, foremost, I´m "only" an user of KDE. But since openSUSE´s default desktop is KDE and since openSUSE and KDE are working together very strong, I want myself to be an Ambassador for openSUSE in the KDE world. That doesn´t exclude the fact that I might will help here and there if my timeframe allows it.

    So, I´ll try to be active in the future!

    Have a nice one,