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krita manual dpl stats

The DPL extension (version 2.3.0) produced a SQL statement which lead to a Database error.
The reason may be an internal error of DPL or an error which you made,
especially when using DPL options like titleregexp.
Query text is:
SELECT DISTINCT `page`.page_namespace AS page_namespace,`page`.page_title AS page_title,`page`.page_id AS page_id, SUM( ABS( rc.rc_new_len - rc.rc_old_len ) ) AS contribution, rc.rc_user_text AS contributor, `page`.page_counter AS page_counter, `page`.page_len AS page_len, rev_user, rev_user_text, rev_comment, rev_timestamp FROM `revision` AS rev, `recentchanges` AS rc, `page` WHERE 1=1 AND page.page_id=rc.rc_cur_id AND (`page`.page_title LIKE 'Krita/Manual/BrushEngines%') AND `page`.page_is_redirect=0 AND `page`.page_id=rev.rev_page AND rev.rev_timestamp=( SELECT MIN(rev_aux.rev_timestamp) FROM `revision` AS rev_aux WHERE rev_aux.rev_page=rev.rev_page ) GROUP BY rc.rc_cur_id ORDER BY rev_timestamp ASC LIMIT 500 OFFSET 0

Error message is:
Unknown column 'page.page_counter' in 'field list' (localhost)

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