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Notes and Ideas

In Want of a Title

  • a gentle introduction
  • start Konquerer
  • choosing 'Home Folder'
    • 'Hide Navigation Panel (F9)'
  • 'Settings' -> 'Configure View Profiles'
  • 'Profile name:'
    • type "My Project" (use a more pleasing name)
    • check 'Save URLs in profile'
    • check 'Save windows size in profile'
  • 'Settings' -> 'Save View Changes per Folder'
  • open/create a project folder (can I avoid the term "folder"? Not without circumstances.)
  • 'Location' -> 'New Tab (Ctrl+Shift+N)'
  • 'Location' -> 'Open Location (Ctrl+O)'
  • open (each in a new tab)
    • an image
    • a (short) movie
    • a PDF file
    • some web-pages
    • one or two pages with content releated to the project
    • one general "reference page" (Wikipedia?)
    • one dictionnary (Miriam-Webster?
  • save the project
  • close Konquerer

(to be continued)


A Word to My Fellow Brethen of the Ancient Order of Electrical Circuitry

  • if you're not talking to another system administrator, developer or some kind of tech-guy, forget about files, folders, hard drives, devices and such.
  • start to think in "projects" (or "tasks") like "This are the tales of my grandfathers youth", "That are pictures from my holidays", "This is a thesis about medieval artifacts in the valley" and so on.
  • don't re-invent the wheel.
  • use, what's already there and glue that stuff together.
  • remember Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who happens to be both a pioneer in technology and a great poet. He noticed, that technics starts primitive, grows complicated and matures simple.
  • Nepomuk looks like the thing to power a PIA.



  • outline for the "Using Konquerer as a project-oriented information aggregator"-stuff
  • screen-shots
  • (done) contribute to neverendingo's article "Get involved"


  • to avoid confusion, it's useful to create a role account with a pristine installation of KDE.
  • the choosen distribution might be a remaining source of a different "look'n'feel".
  • hence, the distribution should be documented at least in the meta-information of a documenation.
  • is there a kind of "KDE Reference Installation"? Something, it's agreed upon, that this is the proper "look'n'feel" for all things concerning documentation?
  • whom to aks? Whom to suggest such a thing?