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    Hi KDE Users and intrested ones,

    A bit about me

    Im a 17 year old student from germany, whoes most loved hobby is programming and Linux in general. For my age I have discovered lots of things already and won't stop doing so in the near future.

    I have a project at which is focused on the idea of rapid development and getting started fast into linux development.

    I like to contribute to a community and LOVE KDE as a Desktop though I also miss some functionalities and application which I had under GNOME (i.e. gnome-do).

    I have a blog at blogger also about development and recent stuff around my work.

    My currently used OS's are openSUSE(for development and contributing and bug hunting) as dual boot with Debian GNU/LINUX(as a stable system I can go back to if I have trouble running the others) and Ubuntu for my eeepc 901.

    Currently Im still working on my mkproject-app but aside i would like to get more involved around KDE and QT development as I want to do this later for a living.