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Please don't change that part of any URL. This is the way it works. It depends on the language that the reader sets in his preferences. If Portuguese is your system language (and defined as such in your user prefs) then any link using Special:myLanguage will check to see if a pagename/pt exists. If it does, that will be displayed. If it doesn't, the English one will be displayed. Even better, if a /pt page gets written later, that will be picked up next time someone clicks the link.

10:21, 18 September 2010

We are close to moving UserBase to the new Chihuahua theme. There are some big advantages with Chihuahua, not the least being the ability to adapt to screen space, both large screens and small, hand-held ones. Much of the work I've been doing lately has been to prepare pages for the switch. As always, with something new, there are likely to be issues that we are not aware of until it is in more general use, so I'm approaching all who have made significant contribution in the last seven days, asking for help.

I'd like you to change your User Preferences to use Chihuahua, as soon as possible. The plan at the moment is that if at the end of this week we have no show-stopper issues we will make Chihuahua the default theme for UserBase, probably next weekend.

There is a public Etherpad at - please add any notes, comments, issues there. It's also helpful if you say "Hi" in the chat window, because that ties a comment colour to your name, so I know who to approach if more discussion is needed.

Thanks for the help.

13:00, 6 September 2010

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