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greetings, KDE folks !021:59, 24 September 2017

Recent edits to Dolphin page


I have reverted your recent edit to the Dolphin page. We are in the process of (slowly) updating UserBase to reflect the current state of Plasma and the applications, and try to remove outdated stuff. If you feel, that this information is important non the less, at least you should make it very clear, that you are not referring to current versions of Plasma. Also please avoid judgemental wording in your entries as well as in comments on UserBase; just state the facts.

06:09, 5 December 2018

Hi Firef

I have reverted your changes to the Plasma/Krunner page for two reasons: Most importantly it relates to features that are no longer present in KRunner, so I don't think it will be any help to users to read about it on UserBase. Besides I feel that your comments comes across as disrespectful of our developers.

I understand that you may be frustrated with this change and that you want to get it off your chest, but a UserBase page is not the place for that. I would suggest you use the forums to raise awareness of your concerns - that way you have a much better chance of being heard.

If you think that your contribution to the KRunner page should get back in some form, I'm happy to discuss it with you. I hope we can find a solution that makes everybody happy.

09:24, 24 September 2017

down-arrow key is possible, but a mouse clickable element is preferrable since it is imposs to memorize 999 gorillion hotkeys. case closed.

21:58, 24 September 2017

You may well be right, and I encourage you to raise the issue on the forums. Anyway I much appreciate you effort to bring the KRunner page up to date.

04:57, 25 September 2017

I currently run latest Plasma nightly. Seems there is a lot of back-and-forth when it comes to KDE features. Clearly removing the clickable down-arrow was a poor decision.

04:30, 14 October 2017

Translation unit tags

Hi Firef

I noticed, that in your recent contribution you manually entered translation unit tags (the <!-- T:... things). Please don't do that - it won't work, and it might mess up the translation system.

Here's what happens: You edit a page. Then Yurcor or I notice the edit and "enter the page for translation" (which requires admin rights). Then fuzzybot does its thing - updating the translation database and marking corresponding translated units as no longer up to date so that the translators can pick up the change and translate it.

The translation unit tags helps fuzzybot keep track of things, and must only be changed by it, otherwise things go haywire. We must never edit existing tags or add new ones.

09:01, 3 March 2018

greetings, KDE folks !

19:05, 21 April 2017

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