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New Team Leader facility017:28, 30 October 2011
Task Manager204:57, 9 June 2011
Changes to Galician Category names121:45, 22 November 2010
You seem to have a problem with the Input template?019:22, 1 October 2010
System Settings/Input Devices015:51, 9 September 2010
Kopete121:28, 8 September 2010
Misunderstanding of <translate> tags113:37, 12 August 2010

New Team Leader facility

With today's update of the Translate extension, we have two new options in the "I want to" combibox -

Review all translated messages in... and Accept translations in.

These should be useful when you are checking on the work of new and relatively unknown translators. They are only available to translation Team Leaders, at least for now.

17:28, 30 October 2011

Task Manager

I found out that we had two pages about the task manager. I have now merged the two into one page Plasma/Tasks (that page was already linked to by other pages). Do you have any use for Plasma/Task Manager or can I delete it?

05:31, 8 June 2011

Please, go on! :)

17:00, 8 June 2011

Thanks. It is done.

04:57, 9 June 2011

Changes to Galician Category names

Hi :-) I see that you have changed the names in the list of categories. There is one problem with this - there will be some pages that had already been given the older category names. Fixing the problem is not hard, but tedious. You need to get the old list of names (probably from History) then pull up the associated category page ( and every page that is listed must have its category name changed to the new one. When no pages are left, the old category page must be deleted. The new page will of course be created automatically the first time you use the new name, but you will need to add the simple description of what is found on that page (look at the English category page for an example).

17:16, 22 November 2010

Thanks you for the information :) I hadn't think about that, but luckily the four category names I changed hadn't been yet created. Anyway, if I change any other category translation (which I hope not) I'll try to remember to check that and do the needed changes.

21:45, 22 November 2010

You seem to have a problem with the Input template?

Please either join us on #kde-www or use the etherpad to tell us what the problem is. If you don't describe the problem, we can't fix it.

19:22, 1 October 2010

System Settings/Input Devices

I don't understand this page - it doesn't seem to fit what I see, but that could be because I'm completely misunderstanding you. Ideally, could you come onto IRC, #kde-www to help us sort it out? If not, we have to find some other way to clarify it.

15:51, 9 September 2010

It looks as though you know Kopete quite well - are you part of the development team? Many months ago I was told that the hopelessly outdated UserBase pages for Kopete should be left for now, as the Kopete website was going to be updated, and UserBase should wait for that. If you are able to update all the Kopete pages it would be a great help.

17:37, 8 September 2010

Actually I just lost my configuration, and since I didn't remember how to configure GTalk with it I decided to write it down at UserBase so next time I could look here. I don't use Kopete a lot, so I would not be the guy to write general documentation about it. But anything I find about Kopete I'll write it down here so it can help others :)

21:28, 8 September 2010

Misunderstanding of <translate> tags

Gallaecio, the section tags must be generated by the translatewiki extension, because that's how it knows where to put the content when translators upload their input. Manually input tags are not understood. I'll remove them. When I mark it for translation they will be created again.

Similarly, if a section is edited the tags stay untouched. If a section is deleted the tag should be deleted with it. If a new section is added, no tag is added, but Translate adds one, the next sequential number, and knows where, among the other sections, it belongs.

Should I write this up on Translate_a_Page?

12:52, 12 August 2010

Sorry, and thanks for the tip. I tried to copy a page already using the new way instead of reading the documentation, which I now have in my bookmarks (and will read it all before the new edition).

I don't think it is necesary to wirte it on Translate a Page, since it is already in Translation Workflow (I read it after the editions).

13:37, 12 August 2010

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