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Subject: Thunderbird and Firefox Icons


Fedora 12

I am unable to locate the subject applications anywhere in the Application Folders, for example the Internet folder. However, in Gnome both applications appear in the application panel as Icons and in the Other

Folder under Applications. I have tried to add a widget for them but perhaps that is the wrong way to do it. I would appreciate any suggestions.

hi Jim. This might have been better asked on the, but I'll try to help. Are you using the default (kickoff) menu system in Fedora?. If so, start to type the name into the search bar, and you should see Firefox displayed. When you see it, right-click on it, then Add to Favourites, or add to desktop or to panel, as you wish. FF is installed by default, but Thunderbird isn't, I think. Since you say you can get it from the command line, I'll assume that you installed it, and the same method should work. If you use a different menu system this may not work. In that case I'd suggest that you start a forum thread and we'll pick it up from there. --annew 19:15, 13 January 2010 (UTC)
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