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help: cannot save the FR translations512:06, 24 February 2020
Message database update needed here and on TechBase017:32, 15 October 2019
Highlighted lines in SyntaxHighlight blocks108:55, 8 September 2019
Problems with manual conversion scripts307:52, 31 August 2019
Category:System/fr or Category:Système/fr321:40, 29 August 2019
Theme change request by Guo Yunhe119:19, 11 August 2019
strange: blank page at first call - reload needed122:24, 7 August 2019
too light grey button122:22, 7 August 2019
Some visual glitches112:30, 1 August 2019
Broken Warning section118:00, 15 July 2019

help: cannot save the FR translations

Bonjour Help ! je suis bloqué voir => - vraiement une plaie partout ce problème. Une action ?

10:50, 4 August 2019

Désolé, cela devrait maintenant être fixé. Si le problème persiste n'hésite pas à me recontacter.

Voir ma réponse dans

12:16, 4 August 2019

ok c'est bien maintenant - merci.

17:25, 4 August 2019

ca recommence avec la page Tutorials/Using_Other_Window_Managers_with_Plasma pour la traduction de DBus par exemple: Échec de l’enregistrement de la traduction : This namespace is reserved for content page translations. The page you are trying to edit does not seem to correspond any page marked for translation.

sais tu déboquer ?

14:45, 30 January 2020

C'est très bizarre, j'ai essayé de débuger ce problème mais j'ai pas réussi à trouvé une solution. Je vais essayer la solution radicale, sauvegarder la page sur mon ordinateur, puis l'effacer et ensuite la recréer avec les traductions.

23:15, 18 February 2020

J'ai pareil avec: "Configure Plasma" qui correspond à Translations:Tutorials/Using Other Window Managers with Plasma/61/fr
On dirait que rien de ce qui est nouveau ne semble être accepté et seules les modifs des anciens articles déja existants sont ok (...bon je laisse la trad en suspens).

11:59, 24 February 2020

Message database update needed here and on TechBase


Some messages were updated, a new page was marked for translation, but they are unavailable now. Is it possible to initiate the database update here and on TechBase?

Many thanks in advance for your work.

17:32, 15 October 2019

Highlighted lines in SyntaxHighlight blocks

In this page , I want to highlight a line in the code. But the highlighted line has yellow background, while text is white.

08:38, 8 September 2019

Problems with manual conversion scripts

On How_To_Convert_a_UserBase_Manual_to_Docbook#Conversion we instruct manual creators to add an ip-number to their /etc/hosts in order to be able to access userbase via the API. This is needed in order to get past the encapsula cache (if memory serves). However, recently it seems no longer to work. If I add the given ip-address to my /etc/hosts I can no longer access userbase either in the browser or through the API. I haven't used this for some time now, and wonder if this might have anything to do with the upgrade of the site?

04:59, 27 August 2019

Maybe the ip address changed. Does it work without doing the host step? But it looks very strange that we need to change the host file to access the API. Does it work without it?

10:18, 30 August 2019

Yes, it works.

13:32, 30 August 2019

Great, thanks. I'll remove the offending part on the help page since it is no longer needed.

07:52, 31 August 2019

Category:System/fr or Category:Système/fr

Bonjour, il faut statuer entre

Category:System/fr ou Category:Système/fr

pour être cohérent il ne faut en laisser qu'une; laquelle choisit-on ? Merci.

14:24, 26 August 2019

Je dirai "Category:Système/fr", c'est d'ailleurs la catégorie la plus utilisée.

16:49, 26 August 2019

Je viens de finir de renommer toutes les catégories.

18:59, 26 August 2019

ok merci

21:40, 29 August 2019

Theme change request by Guo Yunhe

From kde-i18n-doc mailing list (by User:Guoyunhe,

I found that TechBase switched to a new dark theme. It looks nice for the page content. But when switch into translation view, the background of translation box is white and the text is light gray, making it hard to read.

Thanks in advance for addressing this issue.

06:13, 11 August 2019

Thanks to reporting this mail to me. I fixed most of the bugs with the dark theme and the translate extension. There are still some minor issues that I will try to fix soon ;) but nothing that would make it difficult to read.

19:19, 11 August 2019

strange: blank page at first call - reload needed

Hi , often at first access the body of the page is blank (frames around are ok); I just need to hit the 'reload' button of my browser (Firefox) and the articles are shown normally. For a normal use, the body of the page should display already filled (like on others wikis). My be a prblem of cache on the server => Is there a way to force the emission of the body of the page ? I join image of what is filled and what is missing, at first access of the url :

17:43, 7 August 2019

Ce bug est connu et est surement du à la collision entre une vielle et une nouvelle version de jquery :(

Il va falloir que j'essaye de la déboguer et voir si ce n'est pas un bug dans une bibliothèque de MediaWiki.

22:24, 7 August 2019

too light grey button

Often the constrast is not explicit on the screen (PClaptop/Firefox) for the main button compared to others. For example on the image below, everyone sees the Annuler button (=Cancel) black on grey, but hardly guess the Téléverser button (white on pale grey) Upload - which is really the main button of the form : may we have a better rendering (e.g. darker gray) ?

17:56, 7 August 2019

Cela devrait être fixé maintenant :)

22:22, 7 August 2019

Some visual glitches


I have found some visual glitches. The first is related to the mobile theme. When you go to using a mobile device, the welcome image is too large and cause the rest of content is not properly showed. This can be solved using the max-width: 100% CSS property.

10:32, 13 July 2019

Thanks corrected. ;)

12:30, 1 August 2019

Broken Warning section

Link :

There appears to be an error in the Warning sections of the page. Div with `class=floatleft` which is creating and issue of breaking the warning sections of the page.


<div class="MediaTransformError" style="width: 40px; height: 0px; display:inline-block;">
Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination


17:50, 15 July 2019

Thanks. It was just a permission issues. And it's now resolved. I didn't really start the community migration yet. ;)

18:00, 15 July 2019

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