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KWord Manual819:46, 27 October 2010

KWord Manual

Nice to see activity on this page. If you let me know when you have got the page more or less as you want it, I'll mark it for translation.

The only reservation I have is that the manual is going to need lots of pages, and Mediawiki can't generate a Table of Contents across pages. In view of that, it's best if the first page of the manual is a hand-crafted list of links to the other pages. To achieve that you'd have to create a new page /KWord/Manual/Introduction and paste in the content currently in KWord/Manual so that you can start to create the ToC. Does that make sense to you?

05:54, 18 October 2010

Sure, I will. But I doubt that the page will be ready as I want it before 3-4 weeks. It even may take longer :(

06:03, 18 October 2010

No matter. I'll work with you when you're ready. I know it takes time.

06:08, 18 October 2010

As for the different place to locate the manual - I am OK with that, but the only problem remaining is that when I try to follow the link You propose it says that such page does not exist and I can not edit it :(

21:22, 22 October 2010

I have already moved the page :)

21:58, 22 October 2010

I can see why you thought you couldn't edit it :-) That was because the old KWord Manual started there, and it was making sure that you were not accidentally using the page address. Anyway, I've moved the content and started your Index page at KWord/Manual. On the two existing pages I've started the markup that will be necessary for when we add it into the translation system. That doesn't stop you making any other edits you wish to. I will only release them for translation when you are ready for me to do so.

Changes can be made after translations start, but of course if we get each page as far as we can before release it does save work for the translation team.

Ask if you need help or clarification about anything :-)

16:03, 23 October 2010

Thank You very much for structuring this. Because I did not knew, actually, how to do that. Especially that TOC at the beginning of the page makes it look really way more understandable.

Probably, I have a question on translation. You probably have seen that was drawing some explanations on top of KWord screenshots. I have them as *.svg files made in InkScape. How can I provide them to translators so that they would just punch in new texts, not redraw the whole things. That would save them a lot of time, because writing a tutorial like this is no less a work with graphics than with texts.

16:17, 23 October 2010

The ToC appears automatically if you have 3 (I think that's the number) or more headings on a page. If you have only 2, you can force a ToC by adding __TOC__ at the top of the page. This is also useful if you need the ToC to appear in a place different to the default. Some pages have a paragraph before the first heading, and the ToC will appear just before the first heading. If you want to force it to appear above the introductory paragraph you can use this method to tell it so.

The screenshots - I don't know the answer, though it does sound a nice idea. I will take the idea to Yurchor, one of the i18n team who has provided hundreds of Ukranian pages for UserBase. If anyone knows the answer to this, it will be him.

18:49, 23 October 2010

Good news, it seems. says that this method has already been tested and used, and is helpful. Thanks for suggesting it.

There is one small problem - some .svg files cannot be previewed on UserBase (they should display correctly, but the thumbnail isn't created). Other .svg files behave as expected.

18:31, 24 October 2010

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