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{{Input|1=akonadictl stop}}
{{Input|1=akonadictl stop}}
To restart a running '''Akonadi''' server,
重新启动正在运行的 '''Akonadi''' 服务器,
{{Input|1=akonadictl restart}}
{{Input|1=akonadictl restart}}

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Akonadi 框架为应用程序提供中心数据库,统一保存、索引和获取用户的个人信息。包括邮件、联系人、日历、事件、日志、闹钟和笔记等。在 SC 4.4 中, KAddressBook 成为首个使用 Akonadi 框架的程序。在 SC 4.7 中, KMail, KOrganizer, KJots等也开始更新使用 Akonadi 。此外,一些 Plasma 部件也使用 Akonadi 保存和获取日历事件、笔记等。



View-pim-mail.png 邮件客户端

使用 Akonadi 保存邮件


View-pim-contacts.png 联系人管理器

使用 Akonadi 存储联系人信息


View-pim-calendar.png 个人管理

使用 Akonadi 存储日历、事件、日志等。


Kjots.png 记事应用程序

使用 Akonadi 存储笔记

此外,等离子部件,如数字时钟部件、笔记部件也使用 Akonadi 来存储和检索事件、笔记。

控制 Akonadi 服务器

System Settings 中的 Akonadi 控制模块可以方便的启动、停止、重启和查询 Akonadi 服务器。同时,可以通过命令 akonadictl 在命令行中实现这些功能。

启动 Akonadi 服务器:

akonadictl start

停止Akonadi 服务器:

akonadictl stop

重新启动正在运行的 Akonadi 服务器,

akonadictl restart

To query the status of the Akonadi server,

akonadictl status

Disabling the Akonadi subsystem

If you don't want to have Akonadi running on your system, you can not use any of the Akonadi-enabled applications. Such applications will start Akonadi, whenever they need its services even if you have disabled it. See the list of Akonadi-enabled applications. Also note, that some Plasma widgets, such as the Digital Clock uses Akonadi

The Akonadi server is launched automatically at login whenever any Akonadi-enabled application requests access to it.

To disable the Akonadi subsystem, first, shut down the running Akonadi server from the control module or the command line:

akonadictl stop

Now, edit the file ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc and change StartServer from true to false:


The Akonadi server should no longer launch automatically on login.

The Akonadi server will still be started by any Akonadi-enabled application. Ensure that no Akonadi-enabled application is launched at login or thereafter. Remember to check Plasma widgets as well — the Digital Clock widget in the default panel, for instance uses Akonadi to (optionally) display calendar events and this is enabled in its settings by default. You must remove any widgets that may start it from your start-up, if you wish Akonadi to remain disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the Troubleshooting page for resolving glitches during migration. Akonadi's Glossary entry has a brief description of its purpose and other useful links. This page explains how Akonadi and KAddressBook work together.

If you are experiencing 100% CPU usage by the virtuoso-t process when using Akonadi and related applications, try this proposed workaround while it is being investigated: In KRunner's configuration page, disable the Nepomuk search plugin and the Contact plugin. Then, log out and back in. For further information and inputs, report back here or on the Forum or on the IRC channel #kontact.

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