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Tools Menu

From this menu you can use additional tools and scripts.

The Tools Menu
Menu Item Description
Bookmark Manager Allows you to save bookmarks of various types.
Cover Manager Allows you to view album covers and fetch missing ones.
Equalizer Shows the equalizer.
Network Request Viewer Shows the Network Requests Viewer.
Update Collection Checks the tracks in your collection and updates the database.
Synchronize Statistics.. Opens the Statistics Synchronization dialog.
Bookmark Manager

The bookmark manager allows you to bookmark different kinds of things to recall them later. You can also create folders to organize your collection of bookmarks. The search box provides a convenient way to find bookmarks. The context menu offers the possibility to Load and Delete the bookmark.

Menu Item Description
Bookmark Context View Applets Saves the currently used view applets.
Bookmark Media Source View Saves the current view of the media source tree.
Bookmark Playlist Setup Saves the current playlist setup.
Bookmark Track Position Saves the position in the current track.
Cover Manager

Shows all albums in your collection. Here you can set custom album covers and fetch missing ones. More about the Cover Manager, shown below.


Provides the possibility to configure sound settings. You can choose between manually adjusting the settings and using templates. Right now, the Phonon GStreamer is required for a functional equalizer.

Network Requests Viewer

The Network Requests Viewer allows you to monitor the network requests made by Amarok. Selecting this option will open this window:

Update Collection

Checks the files in the folders you defined as your collection. New files will be added and missing ones removed from the left pane.

Synchronize Statistics

This option allows you to synchronize statistics of your various collections. This is a new feature in Amarok since version 2.7 For more information, see also Statistics Synchronization Between Collections and with in the handbook.