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Statistics Synchronization Between Collections and with

Beginning with version 2.7, Amarok allows syncing the play-related metadata and statistics of the tracks (such as rating or play count) between any of your collections which show up in Media Sources -> Local Music and with the web service, if you choose to use

Manual Syncing

At any time, you can start manual synchronization from Tools -> Synchronize Statistics...

From here, you can start a synchronization between the collections you select here, which will default to what you have configured in the Amarok Metadata configuration.

Conflicts and Syncing Statistics Dialog

When syncing, Amarok will show a dialog window which states the conflicts and statistics of the syncing that has recently been in progress. In this window you will be able to see three tabs: Matched Tracks, Unique Tracks and Excluded Tracks.

Matched Tracks
This tab will show all the tracks that Amarok has found in more than one collection, and reflects conflicts. When tracks are grouped, you can see two types of background: light green, and light red. A light green background indicates the new or updated field, whilst a light red background will indicate the old/overwritten field. You do not need to solve all conflicts listed here; the particular field of the listed tracks are not going to be synced if you do not resolve the conflict.
Unique Tracks
These are tracks found in only one collection. You can use it as a difference view. Track dragging is supported here.
Excluded Tracks
These are tracks that are not synced because of different reasons, such as identical metadata, so as not cause to disorder in the database.
Synchronizing with

If you have the plugin enabled and configured correctly with your account, you can choose to also synchronize your Amarok play counts, ratings and labels with your Library. The sync takes some time, but you may continue using Amarok while it is syncing. Please note that Unattended Synchronization (which will be explained later on) is not possible with, and synchronization from to Amarok needs to be initiated manually.

Spelling Auto-Correction enables by default a feature that will auto-correct common misspelling during the sync. It can happen that even if you scrobble many track plays, it does not show up in Matched Tracks as knows the track under a slightly different name.

You can disable this feature on the site, and changes will be applied also to your past scrobbles. You have two options:

Tracks are matched properly, but if you change your tags after some time, your play-count will be split in two tracks.
You can play-count the tracks even if tags are changed after some time, but you will have to use preferred spelling.
Unattended Syncing


Please note the dialog will only appear in the case of iPods.

When you connect a device that is able to sync with your collections, a pop-up like this will appear.

For unattended syncing to start, you only need to click Yes in the pop-up. Amarok will work in the background, so the metadata in your device including ratings, first/last played times, play counts and labels will be synced with other collections configured to participate in the synchronization, and tracks recently played on the device will be scrobbled to, if it is enabled. The process will not ask for user interaction unless any conflict is found in the middle.