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View Menu

This top-level menu contains options to adjust the layout of Amarok, and a checkbox to lock the configuration; use this to prevent any accidental changes to the Amarok window layout.

Nabídka Pohled

Změna nástrojového pruhu Amaroku

There are also two radio buttons in this menu, which are used to choose which Toolbar Amarok will use. The Main Toolbar has a larger height and slightly different controls than the Slim Toolbar. The Main Toolbar contains two main control buttons: a Play / Pause button and a button for controlling the volume. It also displays the name of the current media file and a slider for showing, as well as changing, the position of playback. More about the Toolbar.

Základní nástrojový pruh
Štíhlý nástrojový pruh

Rozvržení okna Amaroku

If the Lock Layout button is unchecked, the Media Sources, Context and Playlist tabs can be toggled and many layouts can be created as shown below:

Amarok layout11.png
Amarok layout26.png
Amarok layout28.png
Amarok layout22.png
Amarok layout27.png
Amarok layout25.png
Amarok layout23.png
Amarok layout24.png
Amarok 2.6 layout.png

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