Digikam/Photoshop Preset Curves

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Use Adobe Photoshop Curve Presets with digiKam

Transcribed from Dmitri Popov's blog, 17 December 2012

While digiKam can’t handle Adobe Photoshop curve presets directly, the application supports curves in the GIMP-compatible CRV format. So if you want to use Adobe Photoshop curve presets with digiKam, you have to convert them into .crv files — and the acv2gimp.py Python script can help you with that. Before you put the script to use, make sure that Python is installed on your system. Next, use the chmod +x acv2gimp.py command to make the script executable. Once you’ve done that, you can convert a curve preset by running the ./acv2gimp.py command followed by the name of the file in the ACV format:

./acv2gimp.py curvepreset.acv

By default, the converted file has the same name as the original preset sans the file extension (e.g., curvepreset.acv becomes curvepreset), but you can use the -o parameter to specify a different name:

./acv2gimp.py -o converteredcurvepreset.crv curvepreset.acv

To load the converted curve preset in digiKam, open a photo for editing and choose Colors -> Curves Adjust. Press then the Load button and select the converted curve.