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Personalize o Ícone da Pasta

A customização do ícone de uma pasta torna-se mais fácil navegando por meio do seu sistema de arquivos, desde que você não dependa apenas do nome da pasta para identificá-la. De fato, é mais fácil identificar um arquivo ou pasta pelo seu ícone do que pelo seu nome. O Dolphin torna esta customização para qualquer pasta bastante fácil:

First, right-click the folder and go to Properties.

Customize-folder-icon-1-en US.png

Then go to General tab, and click the icon in the top left corner.

Customize-folder-icon-2-en US.png

A dialog window will pop up.

Customize-folder-icon-3-en US.png

There, you can:

  • Browse system icons: click System icons radio button, then select an icon category (Places in the image), and the bottom list will be reloaded with the system icons for specified category.
  • Browse non-system icons: click Other icons, and the bottom list will be reloaded with icons which are not part of your system icon theme. These icons can be, for example, icons of installed applications.
  • Use a custom icon: click Other icons, then click Browse…, and find your custom image file to be used as icon for the folder.

Once you find the icon you want to use for the folder, click it. You will be back to the Properties dialog window, and the icon you clicked will have replaced the old one.

Customize-folder-icon-4-en US.png

Now, click OK to finally apply the changes for real. Your folder will be now using the icon of your choice.

Customize-folder-icon-5-en US.png

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