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This page lists hidden configuration options provided by Gwenview: they may help you tune Gwenview for specific needs, but please keep in mind there is no warranty they will continue working from one version to another.

Setting these options

To set these options you need to be familiar with editing KDE configuration files by hand.

Gwenview configuration file is named gwenviewrc. It is usually located in ~/.config/.

"General" group


The percentage of memory used by Gwenview before it warns the user and suggest saving changes.

Default value: 0.5 (50%)


A comma-separated list of filename extensions Gwenview should not try to load. This is useful to exclude raw files which are recognized as TIFF or JPEG.

Default value: nef,cr2,new

If you change this value, be sure to keep "new" in the list. This is necessary because this extension is used by Gwenview when it saves temporary files.


It seems that this option is no longer present by default. You can still create it; it should work as expected. As to default values: If you have information about that please share

"FullScreen" group


Since Gwenview 2.9.

Name of a KDE colorscheme to use when running in Fullscreen mode.

The name of installed color schemes can be found in /usr/share/color-schemes/. You can also use the full path of a color scheme.

Default value: empty string, which means to use the colorscheme shipped with Gwenview.

"ThumbnailView" group


Since Gwenview 2.10.

Defines the aspect ratio used for thumbnail cells. The default value gives cells which are a bit wider than taller, reducing empty space between rows.

Default value: 1.5