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    This short tutorial describes how to burn an Audio Cd using K3b - the KDE Burning Program.

    Starting a Audio CD Project

    • Start K3b (you can find it in the menu by typing k3b).
    • At the bottom half of the K3b window click on New Audio CD Project

    Copy your music files to the CD

    If you are lucky

    K3b can convert quite some audio formats automatically for you. Just click on the files you want in the upper half (navigation area) and they will be added to your CD.


    Most distributions will not install the necessary packages by default. You need to look for a package called k3b-codecs or similar in your distributions software manager. In some cases you need to add another repository (packman for openSUSE).


    You need to prepare (convert) the music files to wav-format before K3b can handle them. There are many tools available for this on Linux (too many). We will use the Perl Audio Converter here. It integrates nicely into Dolphin.

    • Install kde4-papcl or a similarly named package using your distributions software manager.
    • Go to the folder containing your music files in Dolphin.
    • Right click on the files you want to convert.
    • Navigate to Actions -> PAPCL-Convert -> To WAV in the menu.
    • Wait till it informs you that the job has been finished.
    • Now you can go back to K3b and add the new WAV-files.
    • To do so click on the file you want to add.

    Edit the title information

    You can give the tracks titles or import those from CDDB (a online service for track names). To do so double click on the track (lower half of the window).

    Burn the CD

    Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into your cd-writer and click on Burn. In the upcomming dialog check if you like the presets and when done click on Burn. The CD will now be burned for you.