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::*[mailto:[email protected] Gioacchino Mazzurco]
::*[mailto:[email protected] Gioacchino Mazzurco]
<!-- kmldonkey.org seems to not work anymore... -->
<!-- kmldonkey.org seems to not work anymore... -->
::*[mailto:[email protected] Petter E. Stokke] (There is currently a problem with this address - under investigation)
::* Petter E. Stokke  (No current email address available)

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Multi-distro Download
KMLDonkey is a cross-platform graphical user interface for Mldonkey cross-platform peer-to-peer downloader.


  • Runs wherever kde runs.
  • Can handle multiple threads simultaneously
  • Integrates with several browsers
  • Can be used with traffic-shaping tools
  • Can handle several security options


  • KMLDonkey 2.x for KDE4 was released together with KDE4.x within the extragear-tarball.
  • You can also build kmldonkey from svn for the last development version


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