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Kphotoalbum splash.png Med KPhotoAlbum kan du let sortere dine fotos. Det har mange funktioner, som gør sortering og fremvisning let.


The development of KPhotoAlbum started in 2003 with the name KimDaBa (for K image Data Base) by Jesper Pedersen[1]. KiPi support was added in 2004[2]. In 2006, Tuomas Suutari a sponsored [google summer of code student], implemented a new sql based database.

In July 2007, KPhotoAlbum started to being ported to KDE 4[3]. The porting finished in May 2009[4]

In 2014, an android version was released[5]. A video of the android version is available in youtube.

In 2016, KPhotoAlbum was ported to qt5/kf5[6].

Stable releases are always announced on our news page.

KPhotoAlbum main windows.png

Getting started

For an introduction, take the minute KPhotoAlbum tour or see the Videos at KPhotoAlbum's Homepage. To learn more and view some screenshots read the FAQ.

KPhotoAlbum supports all the normal image formats including raw formats produced by most digital cameras and scanners (using dcraw to do the decoding). It is also possible to use the thumbnails embedded in raw images (that are usually of decent size and quality) for fast viewing so there is no need to decode the whole raw image.

Brug af KPhotoAlbum

There is a 3-minute Tour and a set of How-To videos on the project site. A KPhotoAlbum handbook is also available as a PDF and on-line version.

Dowload KPhotoAlbum

Source packages, binaries for various distros, and snapshots are available from the project Download page.

Installation Instructions
If you need help to install KPhotoAlbum, look at this tutorial about how to install KDE software.

KPhotoAlbum på Live systemer

KPhotoAlbum er tilgængelig i Neon:

  • User Edition har den seneste udgivelse
  • Developer Edition (stable branch) har "5.x"-grenen.
    For det meste er det det samme som 'unstable', men når nye funktioner udvikles, så kommer de kun til 'stable' efter at de værste knaster er blevet slebet af.
  • Developer Edition (unstable branch) har 'master'-grenen af KPhotoAlbum.

Udvidelse af KPhotoAlbum

  • Image::Kimdaba is a perl module available on CPAN which parses the index.xml database.
  • Another way to extend KPhotoAlbum is to write KIPI plugins (that are used also by other KDE photo applications). These plugins provide functions like exporting images to websites like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, ... correcting exif date stamps or doing some other image manipulations. (KPhotoAlbum by itself does not touch the original files at all but preserves them intact).
  • Other useful scripts are available from Wes Hardaker's site

  • Problemløsninger og funktioner, som venter på godkendelse eller implementering - Brug venligst til dette.

Hjælp med udviklingen af KPhotoAlbum

If you are interested in helping the KPhotoAlbum development or related projects, please look at this project page. Or, if you have an idea for a feature, please see the Feature Requests section, below.

Kendte fejl og ønskede funktioner

See the list of Known Bugs and workarounds in KPhotoAlbum.

Please use marking the report as a "Wish".

Nye ideer til fremtidige versioner

Hvis du har en ny idé til KPhotoAlbum og ikke mener, at er det rette sted at fremføre dem, så brug en af disse kommunikationskanaler.

More Information


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