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KTimeTracker is the todo management and time tracking component of Kontact, the integrated Personal Information Manager from KDE.

This is the one-and-only KTimeTracker manual. And everyone can edit it.


KTimeTracker tracks time spent on various tasks.

You are a software consultant with several customers and many project assignments. When billing your customers, you are required to report how much time you spend on what task.
Use KTimeTracker to hold a list of projects and tasks. Whenever you switch your activity, double-click on the respective task and see how its time gets tracked. At the end of the day (or month) you can obtain a journal how much time you spent on what task.

Get it

There is no download link for ktimetracker here. You should install it by means of your distribution. To find out your distribution, type

cat /etc/*ele*

To install ktimetracker for SUSE distributions, use

yast -i kdepim


The current stable version of KTimeTracker (4.4) can:

  • organize tasks into subtasks

KTimeTracker allows you to organize your work like a todo-list. You can group your work by tasks and subtask. Every subtask can still have a subtask below it, up to some 1000 levels.

  • track your time

Whenever you start working on a new task, just double-click the corresponding task in your todo-list. You will see a clock appearing next to this task indicating its time is now recorded.

  • edit task history and comments

KTimeTracker allows you to edit your task's history and to put a comment for every work-event:


  • pause detection

When going for lunch, it happens that you forget to stop timetracking before. No problem, the idle time detector in KTimeTracker will pop up after a configurable amount of time giving you the possibility to revert or continue timing.


KTimeTracker 4 has not more and not less than the following options:



Configuration for PDA: Removes the search-bar to gain screen real estate. Assumes a touch-screen and pops up a context menu on every mouse click, even with the left button.



There have been 3 file format changes in the over 10-year-history of KTimeTracker:

KDE SC version KTimeTracker file
-3.1 flat files
3.2-3.5 iCal files with X-KDE-karm fields, import possibility for flat files
4.0- iCal files with X-KDE-KTimeTracker fields, automated import for iCal files with X-KDE-karm fields

Because of the iCal file format, KTimeTracker is compatible with korganizer. You can even work synchroneously on one file with korganizer and KTimeTracker. If one program changes the file, the updates will be propagated to the other application automatically.


pre-3.2 3.2 3.3 future
tracking time
  • idle detection
  • flexible task tree
  • desktop tracking
  • Comment tags for history
     (bug #64879)
  • Task budget
  • Edit history
     (bug #84499)
  • totals report
  • log history
  • sessions
  • history report
  • roll up totals
  • Chart history
  • Statistics?
  • iCalendar for storage
  • CSV export
  • Basic locking
  • Advanced locking (bug #71292)
  • handbook
  • whatsthis help

Does it scale?

KTimeTracker scales well and it regularly tested with a 1.2 MB file (download it) available from (KDE Bug report 110523). A KTimeTracker benchmark is available from here.


As you explore KTimeTracker you'll find questions that need answering. Chat with us, the KDE users, on IRC, the KDE users' channel.


Video demos are here:

See also

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.