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|[[Image:260px-Ktorrent-3.0 KDE-4.png|thumb|250px]]

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260px-Ktorrent-3.0 KDE-4.png
A highly-configurable feature-rich front-end for torrent downloads


  • Upload and download speed management, including scheduling
  • Supports UDP Trackers
  • Can detect and import partially or fully downloaded files
  • Can use IPV6
  • Has a lot of plugins which extends its funtionality.

and many more. A longer list of features is available from Wikipedia.



You can search for torrents directly from KTorrent, instead of using a web browser. It has some engines already configured, and you can add more through Settings -> Configure KTorrent -> Search.

See Also

A full description can be found on the project pages and the many screenshots demonstrate its flexibility. There is also an user forum.

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