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{{#ev:youtube|1eHEAfNFJ0k|500|left|Basic Introduction to Kdenlive - nixiepixel}}
{{#ev:youtube|1eHEAfNFJ0k|500|left|Basic Introduction to Kdenlive - nixiepixel}}
<br clear=all>
{{#ev:youtube|QQydJYwa4dM|500|left|An Intro to Video Editing with Kdenlive - ThisWeekInLinuxl}}
<br clear=all>
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  • Short tutorials explaining frequently mis- or not-understood features or workflows
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  • See the Quick Start page for step-by-step tutorial on basic Kdenlive functionality.

Youtube Video Tutorials

Unfortunately the video tutorials that were indexed at the tutorials secton on kdenlive.org site seem to have lost the links to the actual video. We will try and find these tutorials and list them here.

Basic Introduction to Kdenlive - nixiepixel

An Intro to Video Editing with Kdenlive - ThisWeekInLinuxl

Search Youtube

The Video tutorials are available on-line (youtube.com)

Tutorials on Vimeo

There are some Kdenlive tutorials on the Vimeo Kdenlive Tutorlal Channel

Wikibooks version of the manual.

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