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Levels of headings614:29, 27 February 2013
Audio alignment017:59, 22 February 2013
Lost video411:01, 20 February 2013
upload new vers of file and the browser cache110:10, 13 July 2012
embed Vimeo321:50, 3 July 2012
Embed Video test bed514:12, 3 July 2012
Translating the Manual014:38, 11 July 2011

Do you enjoy Trad Jazz?

Richard Ibbotson, of Sheffield LUG (and a confirmed Kdenlive user), sent me this:


Don't know if you like jazz but here it is anyway. Goes all the way up to 1080p. Sound is really good ay 1080p."

Hope you enjoy it.

15:01, 18 May 2013

Levels of headings

In case you are wondering why there have been so many edits of heading levels on the Kdenlive pages, it's all about how the sections fit together in the online manual. If no allowance is made on the UserBase pages the online manual index would have what obviously should be subsections appearing as top level sections.

17:28, 24 February 2013

So we want the heading levels to start at level 4 ? - ie 4 equals signs around the heading ?

What ever is the recomendation I am happy to try and follow it. Just give me a guide as to what it should be!

21:41, 24 February 2013

No. Top level heading will always be 2. If it's possible to visualise your headings as the whole kdenlive tree, that will tell you where to put headings, but sometimes it's too complicated when you are writing a page. In that case continue to write as you are doing and yurchor or Claus_chr will adapt them as necessary. Getting the stuff written is the important thing. Our translators can fix up the heading markup if necessary. I just thought you would wonder what was going on Face-smile.png

09:11, 25 February 2013

I had not actually noticed. But thanks for the heads up. And thanks for cleaning up after me.

While we are on the subject of headings though.

I don't like what the headings to on the table of contents page on

The headings go

5. Project and File management

   1.The Project Tree
   2.Project File Details
   3. Settings

6. Timeline

   1. Editing
   2. Grouping
   3. Guides

But they should go

5. Project and File management

   5.1 The Project Tree
   5.2 Project File Details
   5.3 Settings

6. Timeline

   6.1 Editing
   6.2  Grouping
   6.3 Guides

Is there anything that can be done about that ?

09:55, 25 February 2013

I don't like it either, but there is no easy answer. We could use bulleted lists, instead, which probably wouldn't look as bad. Other than that, my searching hasn't found any solution as yet.

10:39, 25 February 2013

Solved using a divclass - thanks to Neverendingo and Claus_chr. I will add this instruction to my notes for future use.

12:40, 25 February 2013

Audio alignment

Hi. Do you know anything about audio alignment in kdenlive? There is a discussion thread

17:59, 22 February 2013

Lost video

09:25, 19 February 2013

I found another video intro to kdenlive on youtube. Dunno how it compares to the missing one.

12:07, 19 February 2013

If it bears a recent date it is certainly better than no video at all. Can you change the link to point to that, please?

09:28, 20 February 2013

Well I embedded it instead

10:01, 20 February 2013

Fine. I forgot that we are now able to embed video Face-smile.png

11:01, 20 February 2013

upload new vers of file and the browser cache

I have a suggestion that we should add a note on the page where you upload a new version of a file.

This note should be something like.

"After uploading a new version of the file it is recommended that you force a refresh of the page in the browser. Otherwise the browser may display the old version in the file from within its cache. And you might think your new file version has not updated"

00:54, 13 July 2012

I've added a Tip box to Update_an_Image. I'll investigate the possibility of adding the note to the actual upload page - that's more difficult because it is a system page.

10:10, 13 July 2012

embed Vimeo

So the mediawiki-embedvideo extension is supposed to support vimeo videos too.

So this should display a video

But it errors.

This is probably an issue with the embedvideo extension. Which could be chased up at embedvideo bug tracker.

I would chase this up. But I don't know what version of the embedvideo was installed recently etc. So maybe some one else would be nice enough to chase this :-)

02:41, 1 July 2012

Actually i think it is a problem with the id. The sources tell me it should go to$1&; where you can replace $1 with the id you gave. But going to that url directly it also states this video doesn't exist. Can you tell me the name of the video or something, where i can find it?

14:23, 3 July 2012

Nevermind, my fault (again). We were working with an old copy of the extension. Updated and works now.

14:43, 3 July 2012

Sweet. You run a good shop there :-)

21:50, 3 July 2012

Embed Video test bed

So I requested userbase install [EmbedVideo] extension.

Neverendingo 12:59, 28 June 201 Posts "Skadoosh, installed :)" which I take to mean that he did install it.

But that means

should embed a video.

But it does not.

12:20, 29 June 2012
The #evp parser function was deprecated in EmbedVideo 2.0. Please convert your parser function tag to #ev.

This syntax not working either

12:29, 29 June 2012

Sorry, my mistake, it was set in the wrong config, which was only used by the other wikis. Now it works

16:20, 29 June 2012

Sweet. That is so awesome. I was envisioning some sort of policy road block

23:53, 29 June 2012

The policy is quite simple. Whatever improves the userbase experience can and should be used ;)

14:08, 3 July 2012

That is is a good policy. Hey do you think yo could chase up my Vimeo issue User_talk:Ttguy#embed_Vimeo_1802 ?

14:12, 3 July 2012

Translating the Manual

Quite a lot of the manual is written now. Should we start marking pages for translation, or should we wait until the Manual is complete?

14:38, 11 July 2011

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