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Preparing a Quotation
Kraft helps the craftsman or small-business-man to prepare essential documents.

Document Creation for Small Businesses

Feature overview

  • Kraft uses a database to store details of your customers, your stock, non-stock item requirements, quotations and orders.
  • By means of templates, document creation becomes easy and consistent.
  • Free-format invoicing is also possible.
  • Since version 0.32 taxation levels are editable to reflect the country's tax laws.
  • Repeat orders simplified - use previous orders as the template
  • Existing document (e.g. quotation) becomes basis of follow-on documents (e.g. delivery notes and invoice)

Compiling from source

You can get the latest source with svn. In a console, type:

svn checkout svn://

then enter the directory with

cd kraft

and configure with

cmake .

followed by the compilation and the install commands:

make && make install

If everything went well, you can now run Kraft with


in a console.


The project's home page can be found here and screenshots are here.