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Some of the features described on this page are only available in Marble 1.2 and later. This version has not been released in a stable version at the time of writing (2011/05/10).

This page gives a quick introduction to the search feature used in several places in Marble.

Quick Reference

Task Sample Search Term Desktop Mobile Online Offline
Find a city
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Find a street in a city
Baker Street, London
Yes Yes Fuzzy Exact
Find a house in a city
Baker Street 221b, London
Yes Yes Fuzzy Exact
Find a POI
Sherlock Holmes Museum, London
Yes Yes Fuzzy Exact
Find POIs by category
Museum, London
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Find nearby POIs
Wildcard searches
Bake*, London
Yes Yes No Yes
Find a server
Yes No Yes No


POI Point of interest
Fuzzy The search is not case sensitive. The search term must match the beginning of the name of the street/POI to be found.
Exact The search is case sensitive. The search term needs to match the name of the street/POI to be found exactly.
GPS The GPS device must be active and the current position must be known.


Both the Desktop version of Marble (top row) and Marble Mobile (bottom row) let you search in two areas: On the one hand to locate places (left column) and on the other hand to define via points for routing (right column).


Find a place in the Desktop version in the Navigation tab on the left side. Search for via points for a route in the Routing tab. The mobile version of Marble running on the Nokia N900 offers the Go To... dialog available in the main application menu to locate places. Enter via points in the Routing dialog, also available in the main application menu.


All search queries running online (see the table above) work out of the box in Marble — assuming an Internet connection is available. Offline search queries are possible once you install one (or more) offline maps for the region you're interested in. Please see Offline Routing for further details.

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