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Picture Frame Plasmoid

Picture frame.png Picture Frame Plasmoid - Show a single picture or a slideshow on the Plasma Desktop

[Use the standard directions for adding a plasmoid/widget]

Wikimedia Pic of Day

Plasmoids commonly start by asking you to pick your desired settings. This plasmoid works from the plasmoid menu, but you can drag-and-drop a picture file or a folder of photos to set it, too.

Initial widget view

Choose a Source

  • Single image from any folder on your computer
  • Slideshow from folder(s) of images on your computer
  • Picture of the Day
Three Kinds of Pictures

Picture of the Day Sources

  • Flickr Picture of the Day
  • Operational Significant Event Imagery Picture of the Day
  • APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA
  • Earth Science Picture of the Day
  • Wikimedia Picture of the Day
Picture of Day Sources

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